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Zuzana Barak

Czech living in London, studying in Advanced Hebrew

Speaking about why she learns Hebrew

How to cook SHAKSHUKA in Hebrew? (Portuguese)

Emily, my Brazilian Youtuber student from Ulpan Bayit

Join a community of Hebrew learners and GROW to be a Hebrew SPEAKER

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Rosemary, British from London, Elementary 1

Telling about her process of Hebrew from a year ago until today!

Isaac, Swiss from Fribourg, Beginners 2

Speaking about how learning Hebrew helps understanding the Israeli culture

Jerome, French living in Frankfurt, private student

Singing 'I always syat myself'

אני תמיד נשאר אני

Ole, German living in London, Elementary 1

Explaining about how he found learning Hebrew on Zoom

Students singing 'I love' אני אוהב

This is how we learn Israeli songs

Per, Swedish living in Wales, Elementary 1

Telling why he studies Hebrew

Feel part of a group with students from around the world: Learn Hebrew with Matan

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Sarah, British living next to London

Telling about why she decided to learn Hebrew and the difficulties being a dislectic