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who am I?

My name is Matan and I'm an Israeli Hebrew teacher and a peace activist.

I am the Hebrew teacher of both King's College and SOAS University of London Language Centres.

I teach in a variety of methods, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. I include music and series in my lessons, and I have special courses focusing on Israeli society, culture and music.

I teach in small groups, check out below my students videos to see who some of my students are! In the past, I have taught in many Hebrew schools, including Ulpan Kibbutz and the acclaimed Ulpan Bayit in Tel Aviv.

Learn IVRIT not only as language, but also as means to understand the culture, identity, music and politics. Speak, read, write and understand IVRIT. לדבר, לקרוא, לכתוב ולהבין עברית.

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Coming Courses Autumn 2021

Hebrew Beginners 2 - September 2021 (20 hours course, Tuesday evening UK time)

<p>Hebrew Beginners 2 - September 2021 (20 hours course, Tuesday evening UK time)</p>
Price: 225£

Following on accomplishing reading and writing of the Alef Bet in the Beginners 1 course, which covers the 7 first units of Hebrew from Scratch, this course will provide you with the Infinitive form of all the verbs groups we have learnt. It will focus on vocabulary themes such as family, the house, the body and food, and will prepare you to buy fruits and vegetables in the market, speak about your family and go to the doctor, and even invite your friends to your birthday party - all in Hebrew!


 Starts: Tuesday 21/09/2021 

Ends: Tuesday 23/11/2021 

Days and times (UK time):

Tuesday (ערב) 16:45-18:45

Hebrew Beginners 3 - September 2021 (20 hours course, Monday evening UK time)

<p>Hebrew Beginners 3 - September 2021 (20 hours course, Monday evening UK time)</p>
Price: 225£
Expansion of the skills acquired in Beginners 2 – adding the infinitive of all verb categories. We will expand vocabulary themes like the body, food, weather and clothes. We will learn gramattical themes such as the joint construct, and will practice listening comprehension to everyday situations, including in the market, in the clothes shop, etc. We will then practice those everyday situations in speaking. 

➢ Starts: Monday 20/09/2021 

 ➢ Ends: Monday 22/11/2021 ➢ Days and times (UK time):Monday (ערב) 17:00-19:00

Hebrew Elementary 1 - September 2021 (20 hours course, Wednesday evenings UK time)

<p>Hebrew Elementary 1 - September 2021 (20 hours course, Wednesday evenings UK time)</p>
Price: 225£

This course aims to provide you with an intermediate level knowledge of modern Hebrew, and focuses on the past tense, as part of acquisition of practical communicative skills. It follows up on the basics acquired at the Beginners level, covers grammar and essential vocabulary allowing you to communicate effectively and confidence in Hebrew on a limited range of topics related to everyday situations likely to be encountered. It focuses on the past tense, categorised into the verb structures as learned at the Beginners level. As the course progresses, it aims to provide you with further confidence and vocabulary to discuss more complex topics, as well as write and read more challenging texts in the language.


Starts: Wednesday 22/09/2021 

 ➢ Ends: Wednesday 24/11/2021 

 ➢ Days and times (UK time):

 Wednesday (ערב) 19:30-21:30 

Hebrew Elementary 3 pre intermediate 1 - September 2021 (8 hours course, Wednesday evening UK time)

<p>Hebrew Elementary 3 pre intermediate 1 - September 2021 (8 hours course, Wednesday evening UK time)</p>
Price: 90£
This is a pre course (only 4 2-hours lessons) for those who wish to join Intermediate 1 in October (see below). We will fo over all the Gzarot (subgroups) of binyan Paal which will help us understand the INF and the future tense for each group. 

➢ Starts: Wednesday 22/09/2021
 ➢ Ends: Wednesday 24/11/2021
 ➢ Day and times (UK time):
 Wednesday (ערב) 17:30-19:30

Hebrew Intermediate 1 - October 2021 (20 hours course, Wednesday evenings UK time)

<p>Hebrew Intermediate 1 - October 2021 (20 hours course, Wednesday evenings UK time)</p>
Price: 225£

This course will focus on the future tanses of the different Binyanim beyond Paal which we focused on in teh previous level. We will real texts and discuss social issues raised in Ivrit Be-Shnain, as well as watching Israeli series. We will be expending our vocabulary, speaking and listening capacities, and confidence in modern Hebrew.

Starts: Wednesday 22/09/2021 

 ➢ Ends: Wednesday 24/11/2021 

 ➢ Days and times (UK time):

 Wednesday (ערב) 17:30-19:30 

Hebrew ADVANCED - October 2021 (10 hours course, Thursday evenings UK time)

<p>Hebrew ADVANCED - October 2021 (10 hours course, Thursday evenings UK time)</p>
Price: 200£

This is a fun 1 hour weekly lesson for the advanced! many of the students in this group are Hebrew teachers themselves, people who used to live in Israel or simply learnt it to fluency! We read the newspaper, speak about politics and social issues, and simply have fun in Hebrew!

Starts: Thursday 23/09/2021 

 ➢ Ends: Thursday 25/11/2021 

 ➢ Days and times (UK time):

 Thursday (ערב) 17:30-18:30 

Israeli society and music: special course for intermediate level (Monday and Wednesday evenings) 
Israeli society and music: special course for intermediate level (Monday and Wednesday evenings)&nbsp;
מחיר: 200£

This special course will focus on different ethnic groups in the Israeli society: Mizrachi Jews, Ethiopean Jews, Palestinians, Haredis and LGBT, and will link their story to Israeli  music created by representatives of those groups or created in a specific time in history when that specific music was popular in Israel. We will learn about the army bands from the 60s to the rock of the 90s, we will listen to melancholic holocaust memorial songs and Mizrachi (Eastern) music. We will watch TV shows in which Arabs, Haredis, LGBT, Ethiopean and other Israeli groups will speak about their identity and discuss their stories and history in th lesson.

* מתחיל: יום שני 02.08.2021

* נגמר: יום רביעי 25.08.2021

* ימים ושעות (זמן אנגליה):

יום שני 19:00-21:00

יום רביעי 19:30-21:30

דקדוק בעברית למתקדמים (יום חמישי בצהריים)
דקדוק בעברית למתקדמים (יום חמישי בצהריים)
מחיר: 120£

זהו קורס לרמת מתקדמים, לאנשים שכבר דוברים את השפה, ומעוניינים לשפר את הקריאה שלהם ואת ההבנה של חוקי הדקדוק: כולל מילות קישור(למרות, אף-על-פי-כן וכו'), כניין (הוריו של הילד אמרו ש...) וכל מה שאתם צריכים כדי לפתוח את עיתון 'הארץ' ולהבין מה קורה בארץ!

* מתחיל: יום חמישי 05.08.2021

* נגמר: יום חמישי 26.08.2021

* יום ושעה (זמן אנגליה):

יום חמישי 16:00-17:30

How it works

1. You send me your interest

Or contact me at your convenience

2. I get in touch with you to check your level

I will send you a text and will call you to assess you written and spoken Hebrew level

3. You make a payment

Bank transfer or Paypal

4. You join the course

You join a WhatsApp group with the other TALMIDIM, receive the material and you're good to go!
I studied the Alef course with Matan earlier in the year which was my first time studying a non-European language. Even over zoom (due to the lockdown) we covered a lot of ground, Matan is a great teacher who makes Hebrew really accessible and fun, expect a lot of homework, tonnes of support and really enjoyable lessons with a great group of students where everyone gets to participate.
Matan is a brilliant teacher. I thought 2 hour lessons on zoom would drag but they fly by. He makes sure you get lots of practice in speaking listening reading and writing and he makes it fun and engaging, with lots of tricks up his sleeve so you don’t get bored with all the repetition you need. After my first beginners course I could read and write Hebrew (all be it like a 5 year old!) and could remember pretty much everything we covered. ( as a life-long language learner, I can’t always say that!) Highly recommended.
Matan is a very friendly and competent teacher. He provides clear and dynamic lessons, adapting to where you start from. I particularly like the way his lessons embed all the communication competencies (reading, writing, oral understanding and speaking). The Modern Hebrew he teaches is obviously the one is use in Israel today and not one from outdated books (languages evolve quickly don't they?). If you look for a teacher to learn from scratch or improve your Hebrew skills, I would warmly recommend Matan!
Matan is patient and makes sure all the students understand what he is covering before he moves on. He has a sense of humour and makes learning fun. However, the intensive courses are just that: 'intensive'. So be prepared for a brisk pace. I've learned a lot in a very short time - and credit goes to his teaching methods. 
My students from Language Centre, SOAS University of London are the BEST הכי טובות!!They don't stop surprising me with מתנות! But, there's one letter (and student) missing - which letter is that??? This question is EASY!
Matan is an amazing, witty, funny and very interactive teacher! Have studied Alef course with him and it was an amazing experience all together! Would highly, highly recommend to start or continue you Hebrew journey with Matan! 🥳
Frequently asked questions

Questions about the specifics of the services provision, products, delivery, and similar issues.

Do I need a course book?
No, all the material of the course, including a PDF of the book, class presentations andaudios will be provided to you by the teacher, following the payment for the course.
What is the teaching method?
The teaching method is following the book recommended by the Hebrew University,Hebrew from Scratch, integrated with some more updated materials which will beused during the class presentations and homework.
Will I have homework?
Yes, repetition is an essential part of learning a new language. You are not obligatedto do your homework, but it will improve your learning substantially if you do.Homework will be sent via the WhatsApp course group, which will also be used forsharing audio files and any additional material. If you do not use WhatApp, you canask to be sent the homework via e-mail.
What if I will be missing a lesson?
Please inform Matan in advance. The classes are online, on Zoom, and are recordedupon consensus of the other students, so that those who miss can review the lessonrecording.
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The payment should be made via PayPal by the following link, or the PayPal associated with matanstr@yahoo.com.
If you prefer to pay by a bank transfer, please contact me below.

Refund Policy

○ All refund and deferral applications must be made at least 7 days before the course start date initially booked.
○ Refund applications made 7 days or less before the course start date cannot be accepted.
○ No refunds are available for non-attendance.
○ How to claim a refund: You must notify the teacher Matan in writing/ by email, following your cancellation.
○ In the event that Matan is unable to run a course, or make suitable alternative arrangements under the Minimum Number of Students policy (4 students), you will be entitled to a full refund.
Phone +44 7769 191666
Address London, E5 0DA, United Kingdom
Email matanstr@gmail.com